Aesthetics in Science

Find out what colors might work well for scientific figures (Adobe colors). Inspiration for colorbars may be found here.

A great, useful – and beautiful – resource of different kinds of graphs, by the Financial Times: Visual Vocabulary.

This is an interesting blog on how to plot prettier using matlab. Additional matlab functions and inspirations on plotting are provided by Hadley Wickham.

Mathworks also provides a great variety of plotting examples for nice graphics including matlab code (link).


Teaching objectives might help the student to focus his/her learning process and may help the teacher to structure a lecture.

Language shapes how we think about the world

Cognitive neuroscientists often use metaphors borrowed from information processing to describe how brains/humans work. Read an essay about potential problems.

Read about potential problems how the word attention is sometimes used in cognitive neuroscience.

Writing in Science

How to write a review for a paper? The twelve tips for reviewers found here reflect helpful instructions as well.

Need a starting point on how to structure and write a paper (link)?